Slow and steady wins the race

Merry Christmas dear readers! You may have noticed that three stories got published in just a few minutes yesterday. My apologies.

As you might have guessed, I’ve started on my holiday — outside of weddings, my first and only holiday of 2014! — and Internet access has not been a given. The stories were written on planes and trains but I only had the chance to upload them yesterday. Hopefully, going forward I will have Internet access more often.

You might be asking why I’m even publishing at all given the holidays. I read an article somewhere — I want to say one of Malcolm Gladwell’s books, but I can’t be sure — it was about how, when trekking long and dangerous distances, the groups that did better were the ones that did it consistently.

I.e., they trekked the same 15 miles every day, no matter how tired or how bad the weather, and conversely, no matter how energetic or good the weather. Those groups did better than the ones who traversed long distances on some days and short distances on others.

So much of achievement is about discipline.

That’s the mindset I’m trying to apply to this blog — one post every day — and indeed, to life and to business. I wish I can find that article; if any of you know what I’m talking about, please post in the comments and I will update.

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