Lizard Squad: so scary, yet so stupid

Lizard Squad is pissing me off. First, because I couldn’t play Destiny or go on the PlayStation Network for several days because the hacker group launched DDoS attacks that brought it down. Second, because it appears at least one or them did it for money, and small money at that.

According to The Guardian, Lizard Squad launched Lizard Stresser, a service that can be used to take down any website or network for only $6, upwards to $500. The attacks on Sony and Microsoft were supposedly a “huge marketing scheme” for this DDoS service.

How…incredibly short sighted. $6?? A good coder can earn so much more doing something legitimate. The world is your oyster and the best thing you can do is charge peanuts to do evil?

The thought of every Dick and Jane spending just a few bucks to cause havoc over the smallest slight is disturbing.

It’s so easy to do cause harm onto others online that I wonder whether some kind of specialized, international protection agency is necessary. A group with the mandate to work with authorities from multiple countries to search and take down these cyber criminals.

A little bit like the Finest Squad — a group that identified at least three members of the Lizard Squad to the police — but a formal version, and with real muscle and resources.

The Internet frontier has grown so fast, maybe it’s time for a sheriff.

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