The Surface Pro’s most overlooked feature

Here’s a hardware feature that doesn’t receive much publicity but which I’ve come to heavily appreciate: the Surface Pro’s AC adapter. The main reason is the USB slot on the adapter itself.

Whenever I travel, I don’t like carrying more than one plug converter and feel bad asking for more from the hotel — the USB slot on the power adapter solves that. The AC adapter charges the Surface and the USB slot simultaneously charges my smartphone, and it seems to charge just as quickly as it would normally.

Genius feature! If it gets shouted about enough, hopefully other manufacturers will follow.


2 thoughts on “The Surface Pro’s most overlooked feature

  1. This is actually not very useful on the SP3, since it has a USB port on the tablet itself already.
    The benefit is apparent when you have limited wall plug though, as you can charge 3 devices from one wall plug (USB from the AC adapter, USB from the SP3, as well as the SP3 itself)


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