iPhone users, I told you so: bigger is better

Old time iPhone users, “I told you so.” If I got a dollar every time an iPhone enthusiast told me a 3.5-inch display is the perfect size, and then of course, a 4-inch display, I’d be beaching in the Maldives by now.

Pocket is seeing huge shifts in usage with the iPhone 6 and especially with the iPhone 6 Plus. iPhone users who had an iPhone 5 or 5S and then got an iPhone 6 Plus read an astonishing 65% more articles on the bigger (and better) phone.

Consuming on the iPhone 6 Plus is so good, iPhone users are using their iPads dramatically less. With the puny iPhone 5S, people consumed 55% of the time on the iPhone and 45% on the iPad. Then those same people upgraded, and now they consume 80% of the time on the iPhone 6 Plus and only 20% on the iPad. With a phablet, there is much less need for a tablet.

iPhone 6 users also saw a similar usage bump, just in smaller amounts relative to its superior sibling.

Life After the iPhone 6 Plus

Content consumption is so much better on a bigger phone that it easily out shadows the compromise you make for ease-of-use. You won’t be able to tell just by holding a phablet in the shop for a couple minutes; you have to really commit to a phone’s larger size before you’ll realize that bigger is better (of course, up to a point, all people are different, you know someone who prefers otherwise, etc. etc.).

Moreover, the difficulty of using a phablet with one hand is addressable if you pay attention to which apps are friendly for it. Flipboard is the perfect example. With its gesture based navigation, you can easily use Flipboard one-handed on a phablet.

Postscript: Please excuse the “I told you so” victory lap. I’ve been working 16 hours a day this week and need an uplift!

One thought on “iPhone users, I told you so: bigger is better

  1. Forget the 6+, my mother just switched from the 4S and she’s still upset about the larger screen size of the 6. She much rather prefer the ease of use and size on the 4 but she made the decision anyways because you gotta keep up with the OS and updates.

    My mother also owns an iPad Mini, which she uses a lot for work and content consumption. I own a 6+ and I’m pretty much in the phablet camp. My mother’s main issue with the 6+ is that the screen is too small for content consumption and work (compared to her Mini) while also not being small enough to be a “phone”. I personally don’t agree with her but I can see where she’s coming from.

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