The Moto 360’s new watch faces are the best yet

Arguably, the main purpose of a smartwatch is to tell the time. While the watch faces the Moto 360 originally came with are all attractive, it was disappointing to see only seven. There are third party options but none — including the premium versions of Watchmaker and Facer — are great.

Motorola recently released an update that added another five that brings the total to 12, and all five new ones are fantastic. They are all customizable to a degree and best of all, seem designed specifically with ambient mode in mind. I.e., they look great on, and they still look great even when dimmed. Good job Motorola!

Companies often don’t get much coverage on product updates, so perversely don’t have much incentive to update. Let’s buck the trend: here are the five new watch faces for the Moto 360.


This watch is metallic, strong, masculine. It originally came in a gold color, but black is clearly the best.


This is a watch face for the artsy among you. All the customizable colors look great, but I settled on purple. If you want to look creative, might as well go all the way right?

This design looks wonderful in ambient mode; with either a gray background and dark numerals, or a dark gray background with gray numerals. The watch face looks completely normal — even designed as intended — in ambient mode.


Definitely more feminine. You can choose other backgrounds with different color designs. They remind me of colonial Virginia somehow.


A cool looking face. You can’t see it as much in black, but in white the watch hand colors bleed to the background. Probably why I’m sticking with black.

I don’t quite know why some parts of the inner circle are colored.


My favorite by far is the fifth, which is a completely customizable watch face. Here you select a background, style of hands, style of numbers and whether you want to add a date.

I don’t know if you agree, but I think my design is the best looking one of the bunch!

Unfortunately, it seems like you can only have one custom design at a time; why not infinitely more, Moto?

3 thoughts on “The Moto 360’s new watch faces are the best yet

  1. Some parts of the inner circle colored?
    My guess would be so it would attract your eye to the hands to enhance the speed you might acquire the time, in order to more quicky get back to whatever it was you interrupted to check the time.


    1. That’s pretty neat, then. Do the smaller numbers (13-24) disappear in the morning and reappear in PM, or do they change to the morning hours (1-12) ? I’m presuming the 13-24 are related to the hours PM, is that right?


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