Future of tablets is >13 inches at <1.5 pounds weight

The Wall Street Journal is reporting some interesting Apple rumors:

  1. The existence of 12.9-inch iPad Air Pro (now delayed to early 2015)
  2. The existence of a new, 12-inch MacBook Air (production starts this December)
  3. The continued struggle to make enough iPhone 6 Plus supply, a factor that no doubt contributes to the popularity of the easier-to-get iPhone 6

Think about that for a second. Apple is going to release a tablet with a bigger screen than the newest generation of its most popular laptop!

It looks like Apple just might share my vision for a large, light, 15-inch tablet that can be used for work and play and that will prove to be the single most popular computing device.

One thing I was wrong about however is two pounds of weight as the threshold for what’s light enough. After using my 1.8-pound Surface Pro 3 for a while, I’m sad to conclude it’s just a bit too heavy as a tablet.

What is the right threshold is of course subjective, but for me, the Surface 2 at 1.5 pounds is good enough. It gives the tablet a whimsy the heavier Surface Pro 3 cannot provide.

Apple is famous for launching new products only when they feel are ready. Is it an accident then that the original iPad debuted at 1.5 pounds?

I would be disappointed if the iPad Air Pro weighs more than that.

The future of computing is >13-inch tablets with <1.5 pounds in weight. Plus a keyboard accessory.

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