Ello, what’s going on here?

There’s a social network called Ello that’s buzzing. I’m not sure why.

Ostensibly, it’s because it’s seeing rapid growth, though no one can cite actual numbers. The narrative is that some are unhappy of Facebook requiring real identities, and so are migrating en masse; mostly from the LGBT community according to the Washington Post. People are migrating to Ello because, unlike Facebook, the social network doesn’t require real names.


You know what other social networks don’t require real names? Google Plus, Twitter and Instagram. Which are just a little more well known than Ello. The point is that if all people wanted is a social network which doesn’t require real names, there are plenty available.

What they really want is not a social network, but THE social network. The one with a billion users.

That’s why this whole Ello-is-buzzing story is confusing to me. What’s the point?

Here’s a sampling of publications covering it: Valleywag, Betabeat, Re/code, Gizmodo, Marketing Land, Telegraph, ReadWrite, memeburn, PC World, Tech Times, Not Your Ex/Rotic, The Independent, Business Insider, MTV, InvestorPlace, Tech Times, PC Magazine, Network World, Medium, SFist, TechCrunch, Gigaom, The Next Web and Betabeat.

That’s much ado for nothing.

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