A Windows Phone app to make the rest of us jealous

Windows Phone users often look to iOS and Android owners with envy when this or that app isn’t yet available for Microsoft’s platform. How often does the reverse happen, when iOS and Android users lust for something on Windows Phone that’s not available on their own?

Office Lens is a new app from Microsoft that I wish was on Android and iOS. Or the Windows app store at least for my Surface Pro 3.

Office Lens is a cool app where you snap a photo of something, and the app then automatically converts it into an editable Office document. How amazing is that right?

Check out the examples below:

This would be really, really useful for me. We brainstorm all the time on the white board as a team, and this would be the perfect tool to record it.

Apparently, drawings appear on PowerPoint as editable objects that can be resized, recolored, repositioned, etc. Awesome! I’m sure it doesn’t work 100% of the time, but it’s much better than static images.

There is a paid app on iOS and Android that has some of the functionality apparently, called CamScanner. But it only converts input into text.

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