Apple event tomorrow, so of course the press goes fruity

In just 24 hours, Apple will hold their much anticipated event in which they are expected to announce the iPhone 6 and iWatch. I’ll be right there watching the live stream and will post about it. It’s going to be an exciting day. I’m excited.


What I don’t get is the endless amount of coverage and last minute speculation. And from respected publications too. Going by just a selection of Techmeme headlines the past 48 hours:

“iPhone and ‘iWatch’ NFC payments to use tokenization technology, preferred by banks for its security benefits.”

“5.5-inch iPhone 6 may run landscape apps with more productive iPad-like interface.”

“What to expect from Apple’s September 9th event: new iPhones, wearables, iOS8, more.”

“Apple’s wearable will come with an App store; Facebook and several other big developers already have access to a pre-release SDK.”

May run. Sources say this. What to expect. Yadda yadda.

Really guys??

Do we need to speculate so much, just days before the event where we will have facts on hand? We can’t wait just that bit longer? Are we really that fruity for Apple rumors?

On the one hand, I applaud Apple for the influence they wield. They deserve it. But man, it kinda depresses me that the tech industry cares so much.

It reminds me of Us Weekly and tabloid gossip about this or that celebrity. Are they dating? Is she pregnant? Is he gay? Celebrity gossip dressed as news but nothing more than vapid, mindless entertainment.

Surely we can do better folks.

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