Samsung’s flagship-flagship phone reminds me of Two Face

We all agree right? The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge pictured above is ridiculous? This as of today Samsung’s highest end phone.

I’m a sucker for symmetry so the sloped edge just looks wrong. Like someone poured acid on one half of your face, the bits melting off.

I found Samsung’s justifications for it laughable.

Place for shortcut icons? That’s what the bottom dock on the home screen is for.

Way to look at notifications while watching a movie? No one wants to actually do that.

“At night, it can be your alarm clock, the time displayed on the side of the phone so you can see it without taking your head off your pillow.” Come on, really? I don’t know how much more expensive the Note Edge will be compared to the Note 4, but whatever the increment it’s too much just to see the time on your phone next to your pillow. Versus say…the clock that’s already in everyone’s room.

Extra settings for certain apps, that require special programming to even take advantage of? Because that’s easier to do than the traditional settings button?

If the extra screen real estate is so important, Samsung should have just added more width to the screen and called it a day.

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