How is the spiritual successor to Flappy Bird doing?

The creator behind the enormous hit Flappy Bird recently released its spiritual successor, Swing Copters. So how’s it doing? Apparently, very well on iOS, currently ranking #2 overall on the US app store. Surprisingly, it’s not faring as well on Android, at #299 overall and actually a decline from a peak of #176 on the US Google play store.

Is this another sign iPhone users are more clued in? Or are there simply better alternatives on the Google play store? Given the enormous attention Flappy Bird and the mainstream press coverage Swing Copters both received, I would guess the former.

So is the game any good? Swing Copters retains a lot of Flappy Bird’s charm, the only question is whether you still find a game like Flappy Bird charming.

Swing Copters is off to a strong start on iOS

Less so on Android, dropping out of the top 500 in US overall on Saturday

Swing Copters is similar to Flappy Bird in its set-up: it’s a simple game with one infinite stage; controls are via one tap; you guide your character through obstacles; graphics are cute sprites.

It still relies on people’s urge to play just one more game and in the fun of one-upping a friend’s top score. On that front, Swing Copters has Flappy Bird’s good qualities: you feel powerful when you finally get the hang of it, and exhilarated every time you achieve a new high score.

Swing Copters is a different game to Flappy Bird. It’s much harder, and once you get over its steep learning curve it’s also more fun. The game almost operates on a subconscious level: you’re not quite sure how you’re controlling the little guy, but you are, and as soon as you think about it, you die.

Pro tip: Use two thumbs

But… I don’t personally want to play this kind of masochistic game any more. It was fresh with Flappy Bird; a throwback to the days when games were simple and extremely difficult.

It’s not so fresh today.

I spent a good couple hours playing Swing Copters, and by the end of it, I wished I spent those two hours playing something else. Like Monument Valley or LIMBO or Asphalt 8. The bar for games is just too high these days.

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