Facebook Messenger is actually winning? And other app tidbits

A couple days ago, we referenced a comScore study on mobile apps. Since then, more articles about its findings are surfacing. Quartz has an overview of the top 25 most used apps by US consumers. Highlights:

  • Facebook is unsurprisingly the #1 most used app
  • Pandora is surprisingly #5…no Spotify
  • Google is the top mobile app publisher
  • Facebook Messenger is the top messaging app, ahead of Snapchat, Skype and Kik…no Whatsapp, no Google Hangouts
  • No games made the overall top 25

The study also breaks down popularity by age segment, which The Atlantic graciously provided. Highlights:

  • Facebook, Youtube and Pandora are universally popular
  • The younger, the more popular is Instagram
  • Older folk use Facebook Messenger more than Snapchat or Kik
  • Email didn’t make the top 10 for 18-24 year olds

Here are the set of charts for your perusal:


Top 25 mobile apps chart

Age 18-24

Age 25-34

Age 35-54

Age 55+

There are two apps I don’t recognize in all these lists: iFunny and Viggle.

iFunny is actually an old app, released in 2011. It’s a curated feed of humorous photos with captions. It’s good for a minute long distraction, but I’m surprised it’s still popular.

Viggle is some sort of game based on watching TV. You “check in” while watching a show to earn points. Sounds a little lame, but maybe one of those apps you have to use to understand.

The fact that these two apps showed up in these rankings while Whatsapp is missing (currently #11 overall on the US Google play store) does make me question this comScore study somewhat. OK, a lot.

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