The Cornerplay does a mini-dance — we’re on Techmeme!

Like most entrepreneurs, I started off reading about the tech industry with TechCrunch, and shortly after discovered other big blogs like Engadget and small ones like Fred Wilson’s AVC.  Soon I needed Google Reader to manage all these websites, and my favorite reader was Flipboard.  Google retiring Google Reader was probably the first time I felt genuinely disappointed by tech — it’s not often change feels like a step backwards in this industry.

Its replacement, feedly, has reliability problems and doesn’t have as nice of an interface.  So I continued to use Flipboard but depended on its Technology section to get the bulk of my industry news; and then would go to individual websites Web 1.0 style to fill out the rest.  I was reading less — especially the smaller blogs — but this might have been OK as I had less time for reading.

Then I discovered Techmeme, a website that aggregates what it thinks are the best news and analyses for the tech industry that day into one page.

Gabe Rivera wins at the 2007 Crunchies

Techmeme quickly became my bible, the website I visited twice a day in the morning and night to get updated on the tech industry.  I knew these guys would cover 95% of what I needed to know.  The best part is that Techmeme monitors both big and small blogs, so if Fred posted something important I would be sure to see it.

If you like tech, gadgets and start-ups enough to read the cornerplay, I cannot recommend Techmeme enough.

So imagine my surprise last night when I saw that Techmeme had linked to the cornerplay!


In entrepreneurship, it’s important to celebrate the small wins so I’m celebrating this small but significant milestone for the cornerplay.  We’re barely 1.5 months old and it’s really just me here writing for fun, so to have been noticed by my go-to guide on tech news is a great honor.

Thanks for reading Techmeme team, you guys rock!


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