I’m a Mac and I’m a PC: Take 2

For 13 years, David Pogue was the tech columnist for the New York Times before making a move to Yahoo in October last year. Pogue was not a fan of Windows 8 or the previous Surface Pro, so imagine everyone’s surprise when he came out with a positive review of the Surface Pro 3:

If you own or carry around both a tablet and a laptop, then the Surface is calling out your name. There’s nothing like it. It’s so much better than the sales figures would indicate. We, the buying public, are not giving it a fair shake. If this marvel of engineering doesn’t lift the Microsoft hardware curse, I don’t know what its designers are supposed to do.

What’s more eyebrow-raising is the video review that accompanied it, which is probably the most creative and entertaining tech gadget review I’ve ever seen: it’s a spoof of the “I’m a Mac and I’m a PC” commercials that Apple ran before.

The commercial was so “good,” commenters on the very same Pogue article thought it came from Microsoft. To whit, Fred:

These companies have to stop bashing their own products in order to built up new ones. I see Buick doing the same thing in their most recent commercials. This does not reflect good on a company. These companies need new PR departments. How in the world is putting down your own products in any way shape or form a good thing? There is no need or reason to put down the older versions of the Surface in order to promote the newest version. The viewer is left with the impressions.. Surface tablets of the past stink, so why should this one be any better?

Or, less eloquently, Sydney:

iPad is not designed to run programs!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can you compare IOS to Windows? It’s like comparing donkeys to fish. To make a fair comparison, do it to any os x machine to any windows machine or iPad to, say Kindle Fire. Stupid commercial!!!!!!!

What a way to make a splash for Yahoo! Pogue, if what you wanted is to get the attention of tech fanboys around the world, you’ve got it!

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