HBO’s Silicon Valley totally nails East Asians

Especially in Episode 7 (minor spoilers).

First, if you haven’t seen the show, please meet its diverse cast:

The acting is shit, the dialogue is terrible and the story is mud, but the show just nails the diverse nature of Silicon Valley.

Consider that in the real life Silicon Valley, over 50% of tech workers are Asian. HBO’s Silicon Valley nails this reality with their character choices, as over half the actors in the show are Asian.

The show does an especially good job portraying East Asians. There are so many positive East Asian role models in the show!

In Episode 7 alone we have that tall, masculine and articulate Asian guy who’s obviously working on big things. His command of the English language is impressive and you can tell he’s great with the ladies. His character is not random at all.

Then you got the classy, chaste Asian woman who would never betray the man she loves and recently married. Not with a stranger she just met with a cheesy appearance and an even cheesier pick-up line: “Have you ever cared too much?” She has absolutely no weakness for unattractive Caucasian men, at all.

I find this show completely unfunny and uninteresting, as it has nothing to do with technology or start-ups, but I love its portrayal of East Asians.

The show also does a great job with respectable black characters and female coders. I don’t know how, but HBO managed to please all constituencies. Superlative!

3 thoughts on “HBO’s Silicon Valley totally nails East Asians

  1. Reblogged this on Big Asian Package and commented:
    Where is the representation? Asian Americans are central to the story of bringing the Internet into people’s lives. Forget the problem of yellow face, this is a straight up white wash fantasy.


  2. I love the show but as an asian person I felt that any person from my decent was shown just as a buffer for the show, a person that could be made fun of, and dehumanised just because they were of a different race. Really I did not appreciate the way we are being represented. I do enjoy watching the show but it is coming to a point were it is a bit disrespectful. So, I would appreciate it if they could respect how we feel towards this situation. thank you, i just want to look after the people that work with me and not for me


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